My name is Marcus McGhee and I am a third year African American Studies major at the University of California, Berkeley. I am writing to you on behalf of Know Your Roots Clothing Company; an educational clothing line created by yours truly. As the CEO and Founder of the Know Your Roots Clothing Co. I am trying to make a positive difference through clothing. I have begun this project in efforts to create an opportunity to educate people and at the same time provide a deeper consciousness. My goal is to encourage folks to conduct research on their roots in order to learn new things about their history that they may not have known before, which will make efforts to bettering the community because in most cases people tend to show more respect for others and themselves when they know the intensity of each others struggle. Lastly, by wearing this logo you are supporting togetherness, family, love, and unity. And by wearing this logo you are stating that you understand where African American people come from and that you are in solidarity with those who want to uplift black people and communities during these struggles with police brutality, and the overarching systemic issues of injustices that black people face today.